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Vega conflict is a free online massively multiplayer game made by Kixeye it is set in space and you own a base on a planet in a sector of space. You are surrounded by other players bases of varying levels they may be hostile, neutral or friendly depending also on how you act. Another enemy is also the Vega corporation a CPU controlled enemy.

The aim of the game is to gain resources build up your bases defensive and offensive capabilities and ultimately try to become the top player.

The game never ends and goes on forever you don't get reset every now and again like some other free online games.

The game can be played on Facebook or Kixeye's main site They also have a mobile app for the game which at the moment is only availble for android devices but will soon be released on ios and Kindle fire devices it links up to your normal game and you will be able to do all things on the mobile version that is available to you on the PC version.

Also Vega conflict has recently gone from flash to Unity3D meaning you will need to download Unity3D to be able to play the game but don't worry it is a quick download. Unity3D will bring better future updates and content to the game, and has brought better graphics and game performance/less lag.

So what are you waiting for sign up to play the game today! And keep on reading this wiki to learn more about the game.


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